The Office Band Returns with Junior Album

I took a serious approach to blogging when I first began.  But every now and then, I wanted to wind down from it all—writing, work, life in general.  So I started a fake band called The Office Band.  Did I ever mention that I love drumming?  Started doing it before writing way back in high school.  I haven’t played on a real drum set in a year or two, but that doesn’t stop me from playing on any hard surface I can find.  Like my desk.  The Office Band is my way of throwing all of my passions—writing, music, metal, violence—into a blender and sharing the resulting smoothie with everyone.

After an extended hiatus, with fresh band members Henrietta (yarn harp, backup vocals), Sven (conch, glockenspiel) and Weird John (fiddle, recorder), I was able to finish work on our junior album.  Behold the awesomeness below!



The Office Band

Reunion of the Unemployed

  1. Game of Cubicles
  2. Zerotasking
  3. Eat mechanical lead
  4. I got the envelope from Manila, the capital city of the Philippines.
  5. Penny’s loafers
  6. Where’s the activity code for YouTube?
  7. Order your desk calendar on the rotary phone.
  8. Work of shame
  9. He brought me deskfast in chair
  10. The coworker I never met before said, “Hey there, how was your night?” and I said, “Yeah.”
  11. For your hard work, here’s a gem sticker.
  12. 3-way with the partners
  13. The D.N.S. turned P.O.W.
  14. The fellowship of the coffee creamer
  15. You get 30 minutes for lunch and 1,000 likes to use on Facebook.
  16. Making 1 hour of work look like 8
  17. Human natural resources
  18. OOOMF
  19. The refrigerator monitor and her machinegun
  20. They had a face to face meeting, then woke up in the ER.
  21. Please find grenade attached
  22. The senior VP of don’t-do-shit and his apprentice, Mr.daddy-got-me-dis-job
  23. Patty won’t be okay—it’ll take her a “year to date” again
  24. Unusual business as usual
  25. The Chief said, “How?  How could you?”
  26. Get down and give me 30 customer service reps.
  27. I said, “I think we should touch base,” and she said, “Where’s the baseball field?” and I said, “Right here—let’s go all the way to 3rd,” and she said, “Harassment,” and now I’m making more money by collecting unemployment!
  28. Can I go home?  I’m drunk.


Be on the lookout for side projects in the near future!

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