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I’ve been battling with WordPress the past few weeks.  An update threw my site out of whack, so I had to switch themes, switch back, then I started messing around, just like I do when I look up any video on YouTube.  Everything is mostly in order now, and while I was fixing the site, I went back and pulled some articles from my now deceased blog and filed them under the Writing Posts’ tab.  You see it up there?

For an easier reference, I’ve added the following content:







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I was going back through my most viewed pages and saw that my story NeverDie ranked pretty high up there.  I had to take it down because it’s out on query, but I’m surprised to see people are still searching for it.  But then again, it just occurred to me that I’m a writer with practically no free fiction to offer readers.


That’s going to change.  I plan on revisiting this Word document I began back in 2009.  When I was burnt-out on writing, or annoyed, or simply had energy but wasn’t in the mindset to write with any sort of quality control, I’d turn to this document and just write in this screw-it/whatever-comes-to-mind style.  I turned the mess into The Worst Novel Ever Written.  When I sent out queries, it hooked some agents, but at the end of the day, the content was too all-over-the-place for it to go anywhere except back to the drawing board.  So I’m going to go through and pick out some of my favorite scenes and share them with all of you tomorrow.

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