Read “The Memory Eater”, Right Now, for Free

If you’ve missed out in the past to read The Memory Eater during one of the promotions, worry not, for now you can get it right here for free.  Just click on the cover below, and you’ll be taken to Dropbox’s site where you’ll be able to view the book in its entirety.

ME Front Cover Only copy

The Memory Eater is DRM-free.  Go ahead and download it, share it, email it, copy it, print it out, torrent it, seed it, or send it however you like, provided that the manuscript remains unaltered, attribution is always given, and all use remains noncommercial.

And if you read the book, feedback would be greatly appreciated, as it would help guide the direction of a second volume, if a second volume ever transpires.

Feel free to leave a review on Amazon.

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Thank you for checking out our book!


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